Cunningham Contracts Ltd is very much aware of the complexities of heritage construction and have deployed our skilled craftmanship in overcoming issues such as untried materials, historical latent conditions, logistical minefields and innovative design features in accomplishing heritage construction projects.

Our operatives are technical experts in everything related to heritage construction and have ostensibly demonstrated their skill in completing restoration tasks to a high professional standard. Heritage construction requires a very specialised skill set as well as a sensitivity for the architectural anomalies presented by period buildings. Team Cunningham has displayed a certain savoir faire that they have learned through working on a series of recent heritage projects that tested their mettle as well as their skilled craftmanship.

Our dedicated team are natural problem solvers who seem to thrive on the most challenging projects often involving government, heritage protection bodies, foundations and local councils. We relish contracts that other contractors might shun and like to get involved at the earliest moment to provide technical advice on design management, structural engineering, logistical coordination, heritage protection and choice of materials. We thrive on heritage restoration projects and are always up for the challenge.