Building safely and building green are two elements to the fore in the build equation embraced by Cunningham Contracts Ltd. Our customer-centric ethos is the ever present motivation for our commitment to uncompromising high quality construction and our mantra of ‘customer first’. We continually aspire to deliver excellence and technical innovation in all our cross sector construction projects with a resolute commitment to always exceed client expectations.
When we engage with a build project there are certain phases we have to navigate during the process. Initially we ascertain the client brief and consult the plans so we build according to the specifications. During the preliminary meeting we gather information and investigate the feasibility of the project. In communion with the project owner we will determine their aims and objectives for the build as well as the budget and project timelines before making decisions about its feasibility. With all the requisite information in place we can supply the prospective client with a quotation based on a completed work scope, including the cost of the construction project. On client approval of the quotation a construction contract is formulated. Once agreed and signed we proceed to the build phase. If design plans have already been implemented by the client’s architect we can then move to surveying the site, ensuring we cover all aspects.
We review the plans carefully with the owner and their architect to ensure the blueprint is fully understood by all parties and that we are all singing from the same hymn sheet. Client approval is sought for the site plan, structural engineering plan, landscaping site plan, electrical, plumbing and lighting plans. If necessary, minor details can be changed to comply with the owner’s wishes. We then have a solid agreed basis for our construction phase after we consult with neighbours to establish a friendly working relationship and to resolve any project or site issues they may be concerned about. At this point we can finally initiate the build phase, liaising in a continual transparent manner with all stakeholders, for the duration of the construction project.

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