Design & Build is a project management system where a Building Contractor assumes full responsibility for every aspect of the construction project. Even though it is normally one entity that takes on the challenge there are skilled operatives within that entity who can assume responsibility for their particular construction qualification and skill so the sum of the parts is greater than the whole.

This type of system clearly creates time and financial savings when a crowd of building specialists sit round a table to thresh out planned construction management. By adopting this approach Construction Companies can enlist the help of suppliers in specifying and ordering materials early on in the project so budgeting is made much easier. Cunningham Contracts Ltd have first hand experience of the benefits of a build and design approach to construction management. By saving on materials and time we make economies that we can pass onto our clients, making their Construction project cheaper and more palatable. We do not have to skimp to achieve cost savings - on the contrary we find that streamlined approaches make considerable improvements  technically, financially and time wise. It also helps achieve the goal of delivering the finished task on time and within budget.

The Ship Inn Design and Build

We find the model works due to the collaborative nature of the design-build approach and we adopt this approach where feasible. This is a winning strategy that simplifies the build project where many heads resolve problems as a team for the benefit of both the client and the builder. We endorse the concept of finding better ways of doing things and passing on the benefits to our clients.