Office Construction

Our commercial portfolio embraces distinguished new builds and work place refurbishments. When we work with commercial customers, in undertaking office construction and renovations, Cunningham Contracts are constantly aware of stringent deadlines and cost implications. Consequently, through thoughtful planning and programming, all construction and related requirements are incorporated with no compromise on quality. We have the experience and expertise to overcome the challenges presented by confined sites and occupied space in developing office accommodation. By understanding our clients' operational needs we plan and reconfigure to provide office space that meets their requirements. We plan each project to exacting specification as there is no blueprint for such commercial construction. Every building is different, with its own size, layout, technical specification and fit-out brief. Each project is designed to meet our client's particular business needs and vision with the view to growing their business. Their vision instructs our project design, plan and implementation. Our vision is to be industry leaders in customer service and performance. By keeping in touch with what sets us apart - our team of managers and operatives, our partnerships and our build performance - we deliver on our vision through sustainability, corporate social responsibility, environmental responsibility, technical innovation and health and safety. Cunningham Contracts provides all associated site works such as car parks and drainage as well as soft and hard landscapes. We provide a holistic solution to all construction challenges presented by our clients in the office construction sector.

Office Construction Design

When we are scoping a clear pathway towards a functional office design, there are certain factors in the design melting pot that have to be addressed initially before commencing the actual project design proper. Our clients inform us of space requirements and office location. We ascertain the type of work to be undertaken in the office, the number of operatives being accommodated, the volume and type of equipment envisaged and all other configurables relative to an efficient comfortable workplace. A combination of all these factors will determine the office construction design. Whether it is new build or refurbishment, Cunningham Contracts provide clear insights into work space efficiency and its impact on optimal workplace productivity. Our experience benefits our client by providing them with advice and guidance on any design element that is conducive to an efficient happy working environment. Cunningham Contracts ensure that office design conforms to all health and safety regulations and complies with the disability discrimination act. We offer bespoke design solutions to our clients specific requirements so that we go into the construction phase with a clear and comprehensive remit. The design phase is accomplished in full collaboration with our client so that the project design has the full support of all stakeholders. Office construction is design-led and we take great care to ensure that our build phase incorporates all agreed aspects of that design model. Our construction capability translates the design vision into reality with client satisfaction perspective shaping all construction outcomes.

Office Construction Building

Cunningham Contract's design and build model offers our clients a turnkey solution with design, specification, consultancy, project management and construction services as a one stop shop. With this type of holistic approach and provision, our clients benefit from up-scaled time efficiency, cost savings and completion assurance with a fixed specification which is ultimately more economical than other procurement routes. Having a single point of contact ensures greater accountability and protects the client at the point of signing a formal agreement. This process diminishes the client risk and provides a professional work space project that is on-message and brand focused, delivered on time and on budget. Our carefully planned construction phase will progress with minimal disruption, in continual collaboration with the client, so agreed objectives are met on an ongoing basis. Our office construction provides the highest build standards and complies fully with planning and building regulations, environmental considerations and controls bolstered by our total embrace of CSR.

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