Health Care Construction

Cunningham Contracts is an experienced and growing provider of healthcare construction services. We have successfully delivered healthcare construction projects in acute and community facilities for both medical and mental healthcare. We provide patient and service user-led solutions involving planning, design and construction for NHS Trusts. We have garnered our expertise in constructing a full range of health facilities for both residential and day care centres including all related site works. Our values and vision encapsulate our ethical philosophy of success through partnership, sustainability and people. Cunningham Contract's have an enviable reputation for the highest build quality and compliance with professional industry standards. This dynamic is instrumental in driving our healthcare construction sector forward at an ever increasing pace. Our know-how for health sector projects imbues us with the capability to deliver professionally designed facilities fit for purpose and ground-led by a team of experienced, highly skilled, locally based construction experts. Innovation, collaboration and value engineering are the the key assets that enable us to achieve Healthcare Construction outcomes that satisfy all stakeholders and provide real value for money. At Cunningham Contracts we ensure that our clients' projects exceed all expectations by thoroughly planning and scrutinising every design element and build detail so their central vision, goals and objectives are comprehensively ratified.

Community Healthcare Construction

We at Cunningham Contracts are fully aware of the ever evolving needs of our clients and their patients in the Healthcare sector. Healthcare design and construction is developing in direct response to the needs of the National Health Service and private Health sector. Ever aware of the growing transition from a volume-based to a value based care model we fully understand the evolving construction scenario necessary to meet these changing models. We are up to speed with the construction requirements demanded by this evolution and can provide the requisite construction services to underpin desired patient outcomes and population health management. We ensure every aspect of our community healthcare build supports treatment functions, care efficiencies and affirmative experiences for staff, patients and families. To achieve these core goals we formulate a clear pathway from design to construction completion. We incorporate in that road map meticulous attention to the size and footprint of the medical facility, the size and structure of the construction site, patient safety and security, medical services provided at the centre, number of staff and projected patient numbers and the aesthetic aspect and ambience as pre-determined by an interiors team. Our attention to detail ensures that all our Healthcare projects exceed all stakeholders' expectations in providing the "gold standard" in Community Healthcare Construction.

Healthcare Construction for dementia and the elderly.

Our experience in constructing dementia facilities and accommodation for the frail and elderly, makes us the ideal partner for Healthcare build projects in this sector. We are acutely aware of the construction requirements both in design and build for such facilities from the perspective of patients, staff, management and all other stakeholders. Cunningham Contracts is very sensitive to and appreciative of the human element aspect of construction provision in this health sector and accordingly act sensitively with design and build implementation. With memory-care facilities forming a large part of the expanding evolution of senior citizen residential care, we are adaptive in our design and construction capability to deal with this evolving situation. Whilst Healthcare Construction for dementia and the elderly extends to community based facilities, we have developed the constructional expertise to build any type of facility in any environmental context for the care of the elderly and those suffering from dementia. Our sense of purpose and motivation is to provide facilities that are functional, comfortable living places for both patients and families.

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