Fit Outs

Cunningham Contracts Ltd have professional expertise and experience in designing, planning, implementing and accomplishing full fit out projects. Our methodology in design and build provides a turnkey solution to the complete fit out procedure. We are our client's single point of contact from design inception to construction completion. Throughout the entire process our dedicated project team will make an assessment of the client's space to be developed. They will create a bespoke design that delivers on their design vision and is formulated to work well into the future. Fit outs, whether office, bar or restaurant, are micro managed by our team of Fit Out experts who navigate the project from start to finish ensuring timelines and budget are strictly observed. Our overarching objective is to service our clients with cost effective solutions. Our creative, technical and commercial talent ensures that all client deliverables are accomplished to exceed all stakeholder expectations. A work space, whatever the context, is more than just a fit out. It is an environment where relationships are harnessed and nurtured for the success and growth of the business. Goals are achieved through the harmonious out workings of those relationships. We know those fit out environments intimately and in getting to know our client's business and aspirations, we design a work place accordingly - a work space that inspires and motivates the client team to perform to their full potential. Our well honed creative and construction skill set ensures that team Cunningham delivers on each and every aspect of the construction phase to our client's total satisfaction.

Professional Fit Out solutions

Cunningham Contracts Ltd set the "gold standard" in professional fit out solutions. Our current success is reflective of the technical know-how we bring to each project. Our team of consummate professionals, both managerial and operative, ensure that our ethos and ambition to be the best, shines out in all our completed projects. Our aspiration to provide the best solution for our clients is reflected in our high quality construction. However, integral to the whole process before the construction phase begins, is design creation. This element is crucial to setting a road map for successful construction procedures and processes. This phase consists of intense collaboration between the client and ourselves where design ideas are ventilated, shared and comprehensively understood so that this deep appreciation will formulate the basis for the build phase and project development. With a clear understanding of our client design vision, we implement a working design plan for the build phase that incorporates every aspect of our client's design requirements. The overall aim is to help our client achieve their business goals and objectives by mapping the best way forward in terms of providing a working environment that will be the engine room for propelling their business forward. To that end we implement a construction project that fulfils every detail of the design remit.

Fit Out Supplier

There are a number of elements Cunningham Contracts Ltd subscribe to that have a particular application to both ourselves and our clients. Our client business success is dependant on our ideas, skill and professionalism and our continuing success as a build partner is predicated upon certain criteria such as: the importance of continually learning and discovering new design and build approaches for the benefit of our customers. We deliver quality fit outs that match precisely our client requirements and expectations arrived at by design rather than accident. We analyse each project brief meticulously to ensure our full team grasp the finer detail and minutiae of the client's requirements. The solution is built around a set of team skills ranging from management and administration to planning, design and construction implementation. Our agile working practices incorporates our client's vision of their desired outcome coupled with what is practical and feasible from a design and construction perspective. Our team's construction skills are evident from our finished product but less obvious are those skills that inherently play a large part in formulating a winning solution - things such as work place psychology, innovative design solutions to pressing business needs, people interaction,and the manipulation of space and technology to deliver the most inspiring future-proofed Fit Outs possible. By resolving each new challenge as it appears, Cunningham Contracts Ltd grow in both the knowledge and skill base requisite to garnering and sustaining our position as  a fit out supplier.

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