Civil Engineering Experts

Civil Engineering is a vital part of any construction project in making provisions for load bearing safe foundations for all types of buildings, all related site works including roads and drainage and instructing the installation of structural steel frameworks. Civil Engineers draw up plans for bespoke foundations in ground conditions that require special structural solutions and related engineering skills. They are responsible for foundations in these instances and will supervise the excavation, design the necessary steel installation and oversee the pouring of the concrete. The execution of their remit ensures that buildings have an adequate firm foundation and structure that complies fully with the planning department directives and Building Control regulations. Through a process of applied engineering skills Civil Engineers provide buildings that are structurally safe for habitation and work. We at Cunningham Contracts are very fortunate to have on our construction team highly qualified experienced civil engineers who form the basis of our engine room. Their experience across a wide portfolio of build projects ensures the integrity of our build programme. They lead the construction team with their specialist knowledge and skills and oversee all foundation and structural steel work. They assess the ground conditions and make provision for the requisite type of foundation required. They scrutinise and guide foundation excavation, piling, steel cage and steel mat installation as well as supervising concrete pouring. They also manage all on site structural steel works, liaising closely with the architects, planning department, site manager, sub contractors, suppliers and even site operatives. Their work requires good communication skills, project management skills and a deep awareness of environmental laws and regulations which could impact engineering decisions made in the course of project development. Other essential skills required are creativity and critical thinking. The work of our capable civil engineers is clearly evident in the successful completion of all our construction projects to date.They drive our projects forward with continuous guidance and advice in implementing their design plans. Cunningham Contract's projects run smoothly thanks to the input of their Civil Engineering staff whose efficient designs and watchful supervision ensure that our projects complete safely on time and on budget.

Civil Engineering Site Engineer

A key operative on any construction project is the site engineer. Their input in build projects is organisational, supervisory and technical. They have a corporate responsibility for setting out and determining the exact location for infrastructure installation. This can be located both above and below ground with the Site Engineer using designs and plans to mark out the site. Extended duties include having shared responsibility for site security and health and safety considerations.Their supervisory capacity includes responsibility for organising and supervising HR and material resources. At Cunningham Contracts Site Management is pivotal in coordinating all the responsibilities already outlined and in liaising with all the other stake holders on and off site, including surveyors, subcontractors, planners, architects and construction managers. On site management demands personnel who are competent, efficient and are excellent communicators, ensuring that any hiccups arising are quickly resolved with no downtime in project development. Another very vital aspect of their responsibility is interpreting contract design documents supplied by the architect as well as interpreting site designs for all other operatives. They have to ensure that all materials used and work completed comply with site plan specifications. They liaise continually between architect, Company management, site operatives, planning department and suppliers to ensure that Cunningham Contracts complete their build projects to the highest of standards, within agreed time frames, on budget and to our client's total satisfaction.

Civil Engineering and Architecture

There is actually a clear difference between Civil Engineering and architecture. However these two skill bases and professions become blurred and confused for those who are not "au fait" with the intricacies of the construction industry. The commonality of both these building disciplines can lead to misconceptions as they both deal with specific aspects of planning and design structures. The difference between both is very obvious to the professions themselves and construction operatives. Architecture focuses on the spatial functionality and artistic element of the build project while Civil Engineering features more on the structural elements of the design ensuring the building can withstand both normal and extreme conditions and circumstances. Whilst the architect comes up with the design, endowing it with creativity, shape and colour within the spatial context of the development project, the Civil Engineer will analyse and contextualise that design to create ways of making the construction design possible. The latter, in response to design requirements, will find suitable materials, advise modifications and appraise the structural integrity so the architect's vision can be translated into reality. With all Cunningham Contract's projects there is an excellent line of communication and a very cordial and professional relationship between both professions which makes our construction work more effective, safer and efficacious.

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